Community relations

MMG is committed to open communication with local communities and is engaging with the residents of the Kitikmeot, as well as, communities in the Northwest Territories to inform people about the project and gather feedback. During 2012 and 2013, MMG conducted meetings in several communities in the Kitikmeot, Inuvialuit Settlement Region, as well as Yellowknife and Iqaluit to help residents become familiar with MMG and the Izok Corridor project.

MMG maintains an office in Kugluktuk, Nunavut which coordinates the sponsorship program, ensures good communication with community stakeholders, and helps match residents with seasonal employment opportunities at MMG’s Nunavut exploration camps.



MMG has an active sponsorship program that provides funding support to initiatives benefiting Kitikmeot communities and youth.  MMG also supported the Mining Minds program delivered by Actua in 2013 that reached 1,031 Kitikmeot youth. 

To apply for MMG sponsorship of your program please download the sponsorship form:

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