Golden Grove consists of two underground mines, known as Scuddles and Gossan Hill, and an open-pit mine above Gossan Hill.

Scuddles and Gossan Hill are mined using an underground mechanised method called sublevel open stoping. The underground mines consist of tunnels, called declines or ramps, which provide access from the surface to areas below.

Underground drill rings are used to drill horizontal holes into the rock face. Usually up to 3.5 metres in length, once drilled these holes are charged with explosives and blasted to loosen the rock. The blasted rock is then removed by loader.

The development jumbos install a mixture of rock bolts and mesh, cable bolts and shotcrete to ensure the walls and ceilings of the tunnels are stable and provide safe access.

Production drill rigs then drill 30 – 40 metre long holes from one level to another. These are also loaded with explosives and blasted before being removed by loaders. This creates an empty space called a stope.

Stopes are filled with waste material to prevent cave-ins using either rock or mill tailings (waste material from the processed ore) mixed with cement.

The ore is then hauled by trucks to the surface for crushing and processing.


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