Yalgoo is a remote inland community located about 50 kilometres from Golden Grove.

In working with the community, MMG focuses on initiatives that support education and help children build important life skills, such as confidence and physical strength – priorities identified through consultation with the Yagloo community.



2015 Inspired Living Program

For the third consecutive year, MMG will sponsor the 2015 Inspired Living Program at Yalgoo.

Coordinated by retired professional sportspersons, this is an incentive-based program working with local clubs, Yalgoo State School and the broader community to help local children to build confidence and life skills.


Memorandum of understanding with Yalgoo Shire

In addition to being the largest single rate payer in the Shire of Yalgoo, Golden Grove has partnered and supported the Shire on a number of strategic infrastructure, community development, capacity building and local employment initiatives.

This strategic relationship was formed in 2010 with a life of mine investment agreement between Golden Grove and the Shire of Yalgoo.

As well as strategic projects, the agreement provides for in-kind assistance including emergency service support through the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) forum.

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