Dust monitoring at Geraldton Port

Golden Grove is a Western Australian underground and open cut mine producing concentrates of zinc, copper, and high precious metal (HPM) which are exported to market through the Geraldton Port.

Golden Grove works with the Midwest Port Authority (MWPA) to determine, implement and monitor loading protocols and procedures that manage dust at the port.

These include:

  • Engineered solutions to cover conveyors, transfer towers and storage sheds;
  • Wind direction and wind speed limits to minimise community impact;
  • Wind alarm to ensure that loading does not take place above wind limits;
  • Strict supervision and monitoring of loading events; and
  • The use of foam dust suppressants on conveyors and loading equipment.

To further understand Geraldton community air quality, Golden Grove and the MWPA conducted a one-year monitoring program. Monitoring methods and procedures are explained in the Geraldton Community Air Quality Monitoring Plan. Outcomes of the study were made available in monthly reports.


Monitoring Plan

Geraldton Community Air Quality Monitoring Plan (PDF, 455kb)



Geraldton Community Air Quality Monitoring Report – March 2012 to February 2013.

There are stringent controls on dust emissions for the range of products shipped through Geraldton.

For more information on the dust emission limits and dust monitoring at Geraldton Port please contact the GPA:

+61 8 9964 0520
[email protected].

For questions specific to MMG Golden Grove please call +61 8 9956 4433.



Geraldton Midwest Port Authority
WA Department of Health
WA Department of Environmental Regulation

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