Water balance model

Golden Grove utilises a predictive water balance model that incorporates changing water inflows, outflows, usage and climatic conditions.

The Golden Grove predictive water balance is essentially a mathematical model that contains equations that represents water movement across site.

Encapsulating water movements and hydrological processes in a predictive water balance model can provide a powerful predictive tool which provides the ability to:

  • evaluate strategies for optimum use of limited water supplies; 
  • establish effective procedures for limiting site discharge and complying with regulatory discharge requirements; 
  • estimate the site water requirements, water storage facility capacities and future storage requirements; 
  • limit or control erosion due to flow over exposed surfaces or in channels and creeks; 
  • forecast future potential water management issues and allow time to react to those issues early to prevent them from arising.

The Golden Grove predictive water balance model is kept up-to-date by regular revision with data such as pumping capacities, ground water extraction rates, rainfall and evaporation.

Lake Wownaminya, an ephemeral salt lake, following heavy rainfall
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